Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Windows and Belly Pan

Here are some pictures of the damaged belly pan in the rear. Today, Colin and I discussed what we are going to be doing with belly pan. There are two options. To drill out the rivets, and put the belly pan in like original, or to just put a new belly pan up as close as we can to the current rivet line, and rivet in the new belly pan. We are opting for the all original mode, as this will again make the trailer look like it did when new. It might require a little more labor, but the inside skins are out, and since it is so accessible now, we might as well go this direction now. This way we will not have two rows of a rivet line at the bottum of the trailer. We are putting in all new belly pan. The rear of the pan was missing / non existent and the rest was old and rough. There goes an easy $1000 at least (materials/labor). Also, here are views of all the windows out, cleaned, being polished now, and will soon be going back in. Again, enjoy!

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