Wednesday, December 28, 2005

In between Holidays

After taking a few days off, I received a call from Colin today. But first things first, what I got for Christmas. I finally have a copy of Lillie B. Douglas' Capetown to Cairo book. I've been looking for one for quite some time now, and Zoe' found one for me as a Christmas present. I'm a slow reader, but already on page 80. It is quite fascinating knowing that in 1959 41 Airstreams left the USA with their Airstreams to travel through Africa. In 2009, there is a group that wants to do it again, 50 years later. I also received the Limited Edition of the Airstream's Wanderlust. The book binder is really neat, all done up in Aluminum with rivets! I go a cool Airstream 75th anniverssary T-shirt, and two rear lenses for the SOTR along with an Airstream calendar.....yes, my co-workers think I've lost it! Aluminitus. Well, back to Colin's call. The rear bumper was straightened on their press, and the twist it had it out too, looks great according to Colin. It is all POR 15'd now. The windows (alot of labor in these babies, and the SOTR has a ton of them) are starting to go back in today. They are all polished too! Colin received my clearance /side marker lights that I purchased from Airstream a while back (I finally got around to sending them to him) and also an Heir vent that I had purchased off of Ebay for the vent and lifters. Yes, the Shasta has a pair that we will use also. I think we've decided to leave the beauty marks on the rear's a hard call since we have it all torn down right now. Let me know what you think we should do! Hey, it's 47 years old (almost 48, would the 59 models be out now 47 years ago?). Take care all!

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Anonymous said...

Rob, I was able to push out dents and even hail marks when I had the inner skins off my 58. I used some body dollys, I think they are called. Different shapes to them to fit curves. I just rolled them against the marks and removed a lot of them.