Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What for towing?

With this trailer coming along the way it is, we've been thinking how neat it would be get a Vintage tow vehicle too, so I've been surfing Ebay for a nice Vintage tow vehicle. Having recently watched the Airstream DVD of the Central America Caravan in the early 50s, and the 59 Capetown to Cairo trip, and reviewing the 1957 National Geographic article on the European caravan, we've decided on a 56-58 Wagon. There is my dad's 64 Mercury Comet with the 202 in it...parked for pictures sake. My grandfather pulled with a 60 Buick Electra, one of my pictures my aunts gave me (I'll post more of them as we go on this blog)- that would be neat too! We are restoring a 1965 Jeep Wagoneer right now, to be used to haul Zoe's 65 Caravel. It has the AMC 327V8 with the heavy tranny in it. Here are a couple pictures. Will this tow the 4000 lb SOTR? So, with all the work we are doing on the SOTR, now we are looking for a tow vehicle too - next years tax refund???? Anyway, I'll try to post a couple pictures here of what we have.

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