Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The tow and my lights too!

Here are a couple pictures that did not post of the Vagabond (we think 1946) that we saved this weekend. Pulled it out on two of the four original tires. We spent the afternoon making rims that would work to put tires on from the Airstreams (5 lug on this, versus our 6 from the Airstream). Today was a surprise, my new issue of the VAC newsletter arrived, as well as the new clearance lights for the SOTR that I have been hunting for arrived today from Airstream. I ordered them from OutofDoors mart and they got them direct from Airstream. Currently, the SOTR only has 2 lights up front, and two in the rear, on the sides. I want those, plus three across the top. So, I ordered 5 for the front, and 5 for the rear. They will look good! Plus, if I can get the photos to load, you can see the trailers we pulled north to Colin's shop this past weekend, but I am having a hard time getting them to load. See you down the road!