Thursday, July 08, 2010

Haying the fields

Since the Bash is over..we're haying the fields around where it was held. It's a couple weeks late, but oh well. Enjoy some pictures. It's been perfect haying weather this week.

Glad that the field is now mowed.

Maybe next year I'll have some equipment like this.

The sheep are gonna love this.

Sweet International.

We got two full wagon loads.

Got to love kickers!!

Full load in the mow waiting to be off loaded.

The result.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Birthday Bashing it!

Old school AIRSTREAMING at its best!!!

Well, this past weekend we held a huge Airstream event at our farm here at Baker's Acres of Chenango ( ) It was a huge success. I'll let the pictures do the talking. It was almost a year in planning, and it came together great and was everything we envisioned.

One of our honorary Hosts, Dale "Ace" Goldberg, rented a plane and did some aerial shots on Friday. Not all of the 84 guests had arrived yet, but man, I love the shot and it was alot of fun watching the plane buzz the farm. Thanks Ace!!

Below is Flo, our 59 Buick Electra Bourbon enjoying the Bash!

I was so busy I did not take one picture.. here's are a few links to some photos of some of our guests:

From Nick and Jill:

From Obie:

From Bob and Liz:

From Frank:

From AirForums:

Here is a video of the Saturday night Fireworks!! They rocked!!

We also had a Barn Artist (the same one that painted all the barns in Madison County - Scott Hagan) come and paint two images on our old barn - WE LOVE IT!!

Now, to get working on the Farm Stand and Sugar Shack!! Oh yeah, I have to polish Sofia too.. I ran out of time and did not get 'er done!!

I'd like to thank my wonderful wife Zoe' for putting up with all of this for the past year!! Thanks honey!!