Friday, November 23, 2007

A season of Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Blog readers out there. This is a time with family and it is nice to be home. I wanted to give a big Thank you out to my wife Zoe for putting up with my Airstream obsession). There are many reasons to be thankful this time of year and I wanted to list a few. I feel lucky that I have such a wonderful wife, our three wonderful sons, our parents, all of our friends and family, our home, our Sovereign of the Road, the VAP, our Airstream family (the Perkins, the Rowbottums, VanDammes, Tim and Debra (we still haven't even met), Colin and Suzanne, Frank, Beth and Ava, the Waddells, Pete Daniels, the Inmans, Virginia, Wayne and Linda, Gaile and Rob, Garnett, Star and Peter, Marc and Becky, Harley and John, Margaret and Stewart, the Rogers, the Warners, and all the rest of the WDCU of the WBCCI), the Internet, all of my USMC Reserve friends, my good job, our dog, and the fact I am home. I hope everyone out there takes a moment to reflect on life and just take a minute to sit back and relax - Now - get back to polishing!!! Happy Holiday's all!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And then there were two!

At the beginning of the summer, I was back up to 5 Airstreams / Argosy's... but as of noon today, we are down to just two trailers - our 58 SOTR and our 65 Caravel. Today, our good friends scooped up our Argosy 24. It's a nice little trailer that will be back on the road again, destined for Florida I believe. Here they are hooking up and leaving the driveway. SYDTR Dick and Ethyl! Go Agronsky Go! Maybe Floyd will be down to give you a hand on this BEAUTY soon!


Now that it's cold out..I'm looking into what we'll use for heat. Right now I have an electric heater plugged in and it's staying warm that way while I am out there working.... but this Fireplace is what we want.
It is a Dickinson P9000 propane fired furnace. Or, should I get the P12000 as it's a little bigger. The P9000 says 30-32 foot boat and the P12000 states 32-40 foot boat. I think I have more living space than a boat so maybe I need the bigger unit. Does anyone out there use one of these? How do they heat? I know they have a fan that gets its power source from 12V and that is not a problem (you can run it with fan off for boondocking times). The plan is that this will go on the wall, just to the left when you enter the trailer and vent through the roof. As an augment, we also have a NorthStar 3000 Catalytic heater we plan to use in the bathroom area for those cool bathroom mornings. Just not sure where I'll mount it yet. Who's mounted one of these in their bathroom? I'll be out there working later today.

Monday, November 19, 2007

In the lights

Here's a few more pictures of our trailer on the trip home from the Installation Rally. Then the side of the trailer in the sun that shows our name and town on the front side. The pictures in the dark were in Oxford, NY. Then, I have two old stoves and ovens (one is a dixie and one is a Florence) that I have for sale. I had these for a choice to put into the SOTR, but we've gone with the Magic Chef. SYDTR!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Argosy Find... Poor thing

This is in the fields not too far from my place.. working on getting it for parts.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Next tow vehicle

We just picked this up - a 1987 GMC Crew Cab 3+3 Diesel with a bad motor. We'll be restoring this this winter putting a good 350 V8 in it, and doing some body work. I've located a nice fiberglass rear cap for it on Ebay for $5 - yes, $5. Finally, a truck with an 8 foot bed. Both of our Suburbans are for sale now.... stay tuned.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tucked away 1 foot at a time.

Well, the old girl is tucked away today for winter. One good thing about not having water installed is no need for winterizing. Sine my barn is 32 x 64, she fit fine. I just backed one foot at a time, stopping to ensure I was free and clear from hitting anything. The old 52 Farmall did a fine job of pushing her into place. Yup - I like the old stuff.

Pictures from Installation Trip

Here are a couple pictures of our trip home from Installation... I've finally found the cable to the camera so I can down load all of our pictures. We stopped at a farm stand just above Gettysburg and then at the I81 Rest area near milemarker 78 going north through PA. It was a 12 hour pull day - with the three kids. Enjoy! It was a great trip! Next year, our WDCU Installation Rally is here in my home town.