Sunday, July 22, 2007

That's right - San Diego

Here are a few more photos from today. We hit The Big Kitchen for breakfast (as featured on Rachael Ray's $40 a Day show) on the Food Network channel. Then, since we're staying downtown until Tuesday when we move to Old Town San Diego, we took a little red trolley ride over to the Gas Lamp Quarter to take in a ball game with the Padres vs the Philly's. Funny thing, it was Tribute to Tony day (the boys got little Tony Gwynn baseball bats) for his induction into Cooperstown (small world we live in). Here's a few shots. We walked back from the game to the hotel to enjoy some of the pool. Also, a shot of the boys standing outside the Automotive museum up in Balboa park. It's Luigi. Enjoy.

Guess where we are?

Well, I am on travel with the family this time. Here are a couple photos. Guess where we are?

Friday, July 13, 2007

5 Poler and a better shot!

Here's a few shots of my 5 pole flag pole holder that we've made. It's solid as a rock. Also, the SOTR is back over at Chevy Ave for some more electrical work, a deadbolt installation and to drill the holes in my new Marmoleum for the plumbing. Since the fridge is not bolted in, nor the stove, I had my dad drive and I rode in the trailer over - anyone ever try that to see what it's like. Very scary and noisy - it's a wonder these things stay together at all!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Electurban almost complete

Chevy Ave Restoration (CAR)has been hard at it on our 1959 Buick Electra - moving it over to a more modern 1975 Suburban 1/2 Trailering Special (it has 3/4 ton rear springs). The major modifications are complete, and the body is mounted. We are now replacing those 3/4 ton rear springs w/ 1/2 ton springs to lower the rear end. Once the front hood is on, the front bumper - the front will drop some. The rear, once 1/2 ton springs are mounted and gas tank installed w/ gas, trunk loaded for STREAMIN!, and tongue weight of the SOTR, will drop significantly too. Right now, it looks like a 4x4 beast sitting there. The 454 and Turbo 400 power plant will serve well. Now, anything mechanical required will be easier to find parts wise for a 1975 Chevy Suburban vice a 1959 Buick. Oh, that is Virginia's (a blog reader) 75 Argosy 22 footer being prepped for its new paint job. Her 73 Olds Wagon is in the shop being prepped for paint too - the reason my Buick has been relocated to the other garage bay. Virginia's gonna have a sweet Vintage package there as well. Very cool! - CAR specializes in Vintage vehicle restoration but you wouldn't know it with the line up of Airstreams over there - from old ones to new ones having work done.
My dad and I towed the SOTR back over to CAR to get back in line to have the electrical finished and a dead bolt installed. The reason my dad helped is because the fridge and stove are just setting in the SOTR right now. My house to CAR (my parents live next door) is 5 miles; 7 the way we drove (better roads). I road in the trailer to hold the fridge and stove put such that they do not slide around in there. You ever done it. It is amazing that they things stay together. All the creaks, squeals, noises from the springs, and movement in there, kind of scary. And didn't they used to have intercoms between the tow vehicle and trailer and ride back there? Amazing.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Little and slow work

This week I took some time work to spend it with the family and work on the SOTR. Well - on Tuesday, little Braedon, our 1 month old, came down with a bad rash and was admitted to the hospital up in Syracuse - thus I've been busy traveling back and forth. Today, Zoe' and the baby both came home and all is well now. But, I've been able to work on the windows in the SOTR, taking openers from our 58 Flying Cloud and 58 Overlander to make all original openers in the SOTR. I am lacking one original type opener now. I've finished the first cut of the polishing as well. Tonight, I parked the 65 Wagoneer in front of the SOTR for a photo shoot too. Take a look. I've also loaded a shot of the view just over the hill from our place - this is the real New York, not what most think it is like up here. Highs in the low 80s, lows in the 50s. ( Most people think New York City when they think of NY )

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Overlander in the woods

Here are a few shots of the Overlander in the woods at Oquaga Creek State Park along with the Perkin's 58 Globetrotter across the way. Well, here's my story. The night before we were leaving, Colin and his family were here. I gave Colin a tour of the yard (Airstream lot) and he saw the Overlander. I had two propane tanks sitting on the tongue just sitting there for storage - not hooked up nor filled - empty (luckily). Colin saw how I had them held down and said I should put the hold down lower on the tanks - and the next am while getting ready to head out I tried to move the hold down - but it would not fit through the holes on the tanks. Thus, I put the hold down back on the tanks and tightened it with my fingers and said - "I have to tighten these before we head out." So, what did I forget to tighten down - yup! I traveled about 15 miles and met up w/ the Perkins and Anne and Floyd to Caravan over to Oquaga. I headed out in the lead, then Anne and Floyd and the Perkins brought up the rear. About 8 miles south, as I was rounding a curve - I spotted something in the road spinning - it was my tanks!!!! Ugh - nicely polished tanks sliding on the road. One fell off to the right - one fell off to the left. Luckily nothing was coming up the road and luckily the tanks were not connected nor full - they were empty. So, I stopped and sure enough - no tanks on the trailer. I swung the rig around, and trailered back - and there was Anne and Floyd. Now, this was their first outing period with their Airstream - a nice 1967 Globetrotter ( I figure Floyd to be 80) and they yelled out - You lose something? - funny I thought and when I got there, Dick and Ethyl had already spun their 58 Globetrotter around to got retrieve the tanks. So, the rest of the trip went great - great weather, great friends, great fun and when I got home, I got this email from Anne and Floyd - with a subject How Rob polishes his tanks! Too funny - seems the had a little fun at my expense. So, now "Checking the tanks" is on my checklist.

Chairs and Tables

Remember when we got that 1958 Flying Cloud? Well, when I got the pictures of the interior, I spyed this really cool table. It had some delaminating issues but nothing Scott and West End cabinets could not correct for me. Well, they sanded it down, did a few repairs and sprayed it when the SOTR's interior was being sprayed for finishing. What do you think? We'll recover the chairs to match the new gaucho too!

Camping, camping - the way Wally did!

Well, we just got back from a nice weekend (from Friday - today) from Cedar Point State Park up in the northern NY Thousand Islands up on the St. Lawrence river / seaway. It was a blast - about 135 miles north of here. Weather was nice - about 70 yesterday and in the high 40s at night and cooler today, with a high of 65. It is all boon docking, as we just showed up and said, "Site w/ no electric please." and they had a few of them. We were right next to the playground and about 100 feet from the beach area - nice w/ the kids. They had a blast! We were the only Airstream in the park too! On the SOTR - a litttle slow as I was in San Diego all last week - but it is in the yard awaiting some electrical work and tank arrangement / plumbing work before the finalized new interior goes in - it is all done just waiting on me. Here are some photos. Last week we were over at the Oquaga Creek State Park near Bainbridge, NY with some other folks. I'll post pictures of that and tell a little story shortly. Enjoy! Oh yeah - I'll post some pictures of the new table we have that came from the 1958 Flying Cloud we purchased - original 1958 table matching the countertops.... and rounded curved just like the SOTR's interior rear vanity and lower beds. SWEET!