Thursday, September 20, 2007

Portland, Oregon

Tonight, I depart Hawaii on my trip home. I will have a 40 minute lay over in Portland, Oregon. I'll get home late Friday night, and I'm looking forward to it. Maybe we'll hit Bowman Lake State Park Saturday night, about 10 miles from home. I've not seen any Airstreams on the Island yet - there has to be one or two, ya think?? Maybe I'll see some in Oregon flying in, or on my way home from Rochester. Take care.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I think I spelled it right.. I am out here for the week for work... here's a shot from the hotel. I'm trying to find an Airstream out here... wish me luck. So, there won't be much on the SOTR this week. SYDTR!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

From this weekend!

My two boys in front of the VanDamme trailer.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

What it looks like

Here are a couple pictures of what the trailer looks like on the outside (like my 5 pole flag pole holders?) and a few of the inside. Those curves are all 1958 BABY! Enjoy.

Great Weekend! Again!

This weekend we attended an rally that I hosted. We had 6 Airstreams show and a Terry along with a camper in a VW Rabbit Diesel pickup. The weather was chilly and some rain, but we all had a great time. We had a great potluck dinner last night and a great fireside chat! Floyd can tell em better than anyone - he's got at least 40 years on me, and I love to receive his advice. Let's see, there was a 1958 Sovereign of the Road, a 1958 Globetrotter, a 1963 Trade Wind, a 1967 Globetrotter, a 1968 Sovereign, and a 1970 Sovereign. SOVEREIGN's win! It was close with the Globetrotters taking a close second. Next year, same time, same location. The challenge is that everyone there this year has to bring someone new with them next year. Virginia - you're the one we are bringing next year :) ! The SOTR performed great - especially those bunks - the kids loved them!! Now, plumbing and propane is next! We are getting there!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Out of the shop!

Last night, I pulled the trailer out of the West End shop. I pulled it home, loaded it, and headed (at dusk) towards the Gilbert Lake State Park. It's there now. I've got a GFI issue to deal with today, but it looks great and we will be heading over there after school today. I'll get great photos today, I promise.

Friday, September 07, 2007

What do you think?

Here are a few more pictures from last night. The tank is in there under the wood. We will be covering that with Marmoleum once completed. Also, a shot with the mattresses out of our Overlander in there. And one shot of the SOTR sitting in the bay. Had to order 10 more hinges from and then some new aluminum T-molding for the counterops from Outwater Plastics - www. SYDTR - in a week anyway!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stainless Black tank!

That's right.... just delivered from my Welder - Pharsalia Metal Fabrication. Daryl is a certified stainless welder (as learned in the US Army) and does a heck of a job. When I got back from seeing Scott at West End Cabinet, these were sitting next to the 58 Overlander. Perfect timing, as the rear vanity is just sitting there waiting for it! There are 3" Stainless Steel female flanges there, where I'll connect the 3" male flange that will accept the new porcelain toilet - no more porta-potti soon!!! And then, he dropped off three of my 5 pole holders I'm having made - two go out in the mail tomorrow - one to the East Coast and one to the West Coast. I expect pictures of those flags flying high guys!

Interior is intstalled!

Here are some more. I'll go out and take a picture of my stainless tank that just showed up too! Light work, cabinets installed. Have to mount the bunks, and we'll be camping in this in two weeks at my Airforums Gilbert Lake State Park Rally.... looking forward to it.

Looking SWEET!

I stopped up at the cabinet makers today. All I can say is that I had a big smile on my face the entire time I was there. These are all installed! Enjoy!

More pics in a bit!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Great Weekend!

What a weekend! Great weather - highs in the 70s during the day, no clouds, and lows in the 40s at night (made for great sleeping)! The Overlander was great! We spent the weekend with Sig (Airstream of New York blog link) in his 1963 Trade Wind that he had just picked up from GSM Vehicles. Looks great Sig! Here's many more weekends of camping with your family. About family - there were like 20 kids there this weekend - all friends of Sigs that we met and had alot of fun with. We are doing it again in two weeks at the Gilbert Lake State Park. We are hoping to have the Sovereign of the Road there - we'll see if West End Cabinets can have her ready for it! So, here are a few pictures of the this weekend up at Henderson Harbor! Priceless weekend! Remember, this 1958 Overlander will soon be for sale for $3500 once the SOTR is ready to camp in.