Monday, October 31, 2005

All the Interior and road trip too!

Well, here are a few more pictures of the trailer being dis-assembled. Many, many screws, come pounding, and breathing in the disgusting air within, and all is out. The trip; well, we had planned to be on the road north by noon. We got a little late start because we wanted to watch the Airstream plug on the Today show that Bruce Littlefield had for his book - which was worth it. We got to the Vagabond and after getting everything in place, we realized the Airstream spares on 6 hole wheels would not work on our Vagabond, 5 hole drums...bummer. So, we went to the junk yard...long story short, we were on the road at 930pm, for a 6 hour drive north through the woods - the woods because we wanted bail out points like parking lots, driveways.....just in case. Look at my photos as you can see: 1. Rivets missing (floor /frame issues. 2. Floor missing. 3. Trailer not connected to floor - that's Colins foot fitting under the floor. 4. Turns out we did not need it. Both the SOTR and the Vagabond towed like a dream! Enjoy the photos!

Trip to GSM Vehicles

Well, Colin of GSM Vehicles, arrived Friday night at about 7pm. I was still inside the SOTR and had quite a bit to still remove before we could leave for Plattsburgh. We also still had to get the Vagabond (that turned into an all day Saturday affair - another post) too! Well, Colin jumped in and lent a helping hand as we took out the closets, the rest of the bed frames, the furnace and all the rest of the interior. There it all sat, out on the lawn until I made room for it up in the barn for storage. Here are some pictures of it in progress. I will post more pictures tomorrow with the Vagabond, journey north post. Enjoy!


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Finally underway and a Vagabond too!

Well, I have finally begun work on carefully taking apart the interior of the SOTR. So far, I have the front gaucho out, both twin beds are loose, and the walls that were hooked to the fridge and stove off. I have to wait for my brother-in-law to help me get the stove and fridge out. Then it will be a few screws and we'll have it empty. Colin Hyde of is arriving tomorrow night as we will be Caravaning north on Saturday with the SOTR and a 40's Vagabond he and I went in together and purchased that is about 3 miles from my house. Double doors and all. We will be taking the SOTR empty (all but the aluminum water tank (needed for new Air pressure system), rear holding tank (new floor will cover and fiberglass will be repaired if needed), and bath tub (Colin will paint it), and maybe the Bowen hot water tank. Colin will tow the SOTR and I'll most likely be the one towing the Vagabond. When I get back, and hopefully we will not have any problems from here in Plymouth, NY 13832 through the woods as we say, Utica, Old Forge, Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, to Plattsburgh where Colin's shop is, I will post pictures of it up there and ready to be re-newed! Wish us luck. Remember, Episode 4 of theVAP is out. Enjoy it!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Maybe this week!

Time! As I stated in the last post, I just need to find a way to carve out time. I just got back late last night from being in Virginia for the past week with my job and then this weekend doing my USMC Reserve duty. When I am there, and the SOTR is here in central NY, nothing gets done on it! I did manage to get some work done on my 67 Trade Wind while I was down south though. I use the Trade Wind as my local home there in Northern Virginia when I am down there. I have been leaving it down there lately, as the price of fuel is just too high to go back and forth towing. I am usually down there every other week. So, now, this week, I hope to get to the SOTR gaucho and sink area. I have to get this to Colin's up north before snow hits! It won't be long before there is a foot of snow on the ground. Right now, our leaves are just changing, but I hear that the Adirondacks is at 75%. I will post some more pictures later this week as the dismantling begins. This weekend, we are meeting Colin and his family up at Fish Creek State Park near Saranac Lake, NY for one last weekend of Airstreaming in the 65 Caravel - since the TW is down south. It is totally boondocking, so it doesn't much matter that the Caravel is not really ready to go. As long as we have a place that is warm and dry to sleep in, that is all that matter. Sorry it's taken me a while to update this, but not much was really happening to the trailer. The picture is a shot of Fish Creek from this summer, where we are going Friday - Monday - Again, not much will get done to the SOTR while we are away! We are taking our Grumman Aluminum canoe (not polished yet) with us to enjoy the leaves!