Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Remember the SOTR

Remember that Avion? Well, I'm working with Jeff Gascho, owner of Dovetail Designs in Toms River, New Jersey who is a high end custom cabinet maker on the Interior of the Sovereign of the Road. For that, he has the 63 Avion that he will be customizing in the future - kind of like a barter system - it works for both of us! . Right now, Jeff has the center twin bunks and the lower bed twin bed platforms with drawers. He has the originals and is using them to create all new - with a way better design / structure. Here are a few pictures. Here you have the road side twin lower bed support frame and then the new one. Next is the road side and then the rounded bunk with the veneering. Thanks Jeff! They look great!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Gilbert Lake State Park

Well, we had a great time. Took the Trade Wind over to Gilbert Lake State Park on Thursday night... it rained most of the night. Worked on Friday and headed back over to the park, about 30 miles after work on Friday. The sun came out and we had a great time. So much so at Hill Top camping area that we are planning on doing a AirstreamForums rally next year this time of year again! What a nice place to camp! We were parked next to fellow friends and WDCU WBCCI members - the Perkins in their mid 70s Rockwell (like a Burro) camper and us in the TW. It was fun!

Just wish we did not have to come home. Here are some pictures Zoe' took on the way home!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Got Flags?

Well, sorry for not posting in quite a while. Just been extremely busy with work and Reserves lately. But, good news! We are taking the Trade Wind out to Gilbert Lake State Park with the Perkin's - fellow Airstreamers and friends that visit Gilbert Lake quite often. It is only ~28 miles from our house, so it works well with the Boys having local Birthday parties to attend on Saturday and with school in session now. We will depart Thursday night, come home on Friday, and then return to the park Friday night and stay through Sunday. Weather looks good Sat and Sun - beautiful cool fall weather! The leaves are starting to change here so it should be fun. We'll take the canoe and fishing poles with us. Here is a picture of what the 5 pole flag pole holder turned out as. I'll be flying my flags proudly this weekend. SYDTR!