Saturday, December 10, 2005

A day of rest

Well, the blog works. I posted on here the other day with the pictures of our chimney and how I was looking for one, and I received an email, and now both, the oval and round chimneys are on their way to GSM Vehicles. Thanks Doug! Colin's got the new floor material, elevator bolts, have POR'd the frame, and have fabricated and re-inserted the rusted our frame section already. While the rear bumper is off, we've decided to insert new still inside the current frame members and it will be plug welded in place to strengthen the frame. The same is being done to the front, cutting off the coupler, and inside each frame rail, a steel insert will be inserted and plug welded too...this will significantly strength the existing frame (Colin's had the A-frame section of his 59 fold in half entering a Walmart). This is a preventive measure for the future. So, things are a moving!

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