Thursday, December 08, 2005

As I get them...

A I get in photos of the progress from Colin, I will be posting them here, and discussing what is going on. Today, I am posting a few pictures of: 1) the rear bumper. 2) roof vents. 3) Water heater hole.

1) The rear bumper is bent in the middle. Colin hopes that we can put this in the hydraulic press to straigten it out. Luckily, the bumper did not touch the trailer.

2) The original furnace vent was patched. I am going to locate a new chimney stack and go back to original. If you have one, contact me.

More photos later:

3) The Astrodome...I need one, as well as 2 lifters...Help

4) The water heater hole...

The floor starts today.... Go GSM Vehicles Go!

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