Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More ammenities

Here is the bath vanity sink and the new faucet that will be going in. Also, I am attaching a couple pictures of a drop leaf table that came with the fridge. This will be re-done to match the SOTR countertops to use with our 4 Leg-O-Matic chairs in the living room. Oh yeah, here's a shot of the Caravel and Overlander parked in the yard - what a gorgeous day today. Enjoy!


So, we've been trying to figure out which way to go wtih the appliances. Do I stay original with a floor model Stove / Oven (I have three) or do I go with a counter model Princess and have storage underneath. Do I go with the vintage Dometic gas only or with the 2002 Dometic (under recall) Gas / Electric and alot bigger. So, after much debate, we've decided to go with the floor model Magic chef Gas stove / oven and the vintage Dometic. We'll be painting the fridge white to match the stove / oven. These two are too cool not to give them a try. These two appliances will soon be going to the cabinet shop for the dry fit. Also, a picture of the SOTR patiently waiting for it's new cabinetry at the West End Cabinet shop. I'm glad it's inside as I have a few leaks to address once we're done polishing. Oh yeah, heading to the doctors, so baby Wally might be here today - he's 4-5 days late now! Exciting times!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dry fitting the closets

Well, I stopped up to see Scott at West End Cabinet tonight, picking up my good friend John from high school - he's a Wannabe and has been following the SOTR for the past two years and lives about a mile from the West End shop. I am soooooo excited as I can start to see the end of the tunnel - although it's a dim light still - at least there is light. So, here are a few of the new closet walls dry fit into place. It's coming along.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Buick progress

The SOTR is still up at West End Cabinet shop.... so here is another post on the Buick - it's over at Chevy Ave getting transplanted... check it out over on the Buick Blog - http://59Electra.blogspot.com for some cool photos. I hope to be driving it in about 2 weeks - the Electurban 5975. Enjoy. I hope to get up and get some photos of the SOTR tomorrow.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stable's gettin full again

We just purchased another Airstream! Yup another 1958. Now we have three 58s - I thought I'd love a 13 panel, but these 58s are a growing on me. The new addition is a 1958 Flying Cloud - another project in the far future! Since it is a 58, it has a couple parts the SOTR needs and will make a nice little addition - maybe Zoe' will like this one and want to get rid of her Caravel.... time will tell. Here are a few pictures. We are traveling to get it over Memorial Day weekend, taking the 90 Suburban. I love the 22' length. She's a little dirty but will clean up nice. It no doubt needs alot of work, but we're up to it! SYDTR everyone.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Our Buick

I've started a blog for the Buick restoration / project. http://59electra.blogspot.com . Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Vintage Tow Vehicle

Stopped over at Chevy Ave Restorations and checked out how the chassis for the 59 Buick is coming along. Recall, the chassis is from a 1975 Chevy Suburban 1/2 ton Trailering Special w/ 454 and Turb0 400. This is where we are right now. Now the Buick is starting to come off its old chassis to be raised and lowered onto this power plant - yes - it will have power and it'll be a looker - plus, it comes with a hitch.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Here are a couple more photos

Here are all the old pieces to the interior. Look at the bathroom wall and that Starburst type material... what is that pattern called? Here is a close up picture. I'm looking into having some custom laminate made - minimum order is 5 sheets at one place. Anyone need or want some?

Update on cabinets

Here are a few more shots on the cabinets. The closet doors are going to be a white birch frame with a maple insert. These are pictures of the vanity in the bath, the closet doors and a portion of the kitchen sink galley cabinet. More to follow. These are looking nice - and I can't wait to see them starting to go in. Slowly but surely this Sweet SOTR is coming together.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekend Camping

Well, we had a great time camping this weekendup at my Mother and Father In-Laws place with the 58 Overlander. Our friends, the Perkins, came up in their 58/59 Globetrotter (they only live about 5 miles from their) and then Anne and Floyd (67 Globetrotter) stopped up (without their trailer) last night and learned some, as we sat around the fire (Brrrr - it was windy last night). They've never taken their rig out for camping - something we will be changing really soon. Here are a few shots of the back 85 acres up on the hill. Yup, Perk had a little issue pulling that heavy old trailer up the hill - or was it the Ford? Anyway, we'll be doing this alot more in the near future. The bass were biting! Still no baby boy - we're thinking of naming him Wally Byam Baker - at least I am.

Friday, May 04, 2007


I went up to that old trailer this morning and got a few parts....looky here.. Some good loot I'd say. I got a bunch more window openers too.

Thanks Phoenix Lock Company!

I have been looking for something to use on our door so that I don't have to have that stupid looking rope to the hitch to keep the SOTR's (any Airstream) door closed in case the door lock fails or pops open. The guys at Phoenix

Lock Company want to help! I am getting two of the Polished Chrome Draw Clamps pictured here to try out, one on the top and one on the bottum of the door so that while in transit, I can use these to secure the door closed. These are hand made and should look good on the trailer. I know - what if someone locks it while you are inside... I know, I know - but if someone wanted to do that, there are other ways too. Here is an offer from the President of Phoenix Lock (very cool and nice of them):

We would be pleased to offer a special discount to you and your fellow Airstream affectionatos. Our #36-C Draw Clamp in Polished Chrome has a list price of $37.00 each. If you will just mention “Airstream” when ordering, we will discount the price 35% to $24.05 each. To receive the special discount orders may be e-mailed to sales@phoenixlock.com, or call toll free 800-471-3087 extension 332. So, check out Phoenix Lock and tell them Rob sent ya!

Another parts source

I went up the road about 25 minutes to get some parts this am. FREE! Here is the shot of the donor. I'll be posting what I got in a few! I tried to get Zoe' to let me bring it home but she said no way!