Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Like a Kid on Christmas!

Today, I was sitting in my meeting here in a conference room with my TREO 600 connected to the Internet, and in came three emails from Colin with the first one titled, "She is in". The second one titled, "She is in a bit more!" and then others titled "Stuff" started flowing in. Each email had 3-6 pictures in it. It was like being there, almost...and I wish I was. Over the next few days, I'll post the pictures and let you see for yourself. First, I'll post the ones of the trailer going in and where it is located in the shop. Look at all those trailers in the lot waiting to be worked on! There is Steve's Caravanner next to our SOTR - did not know we were neighbors Steve! Second, the movement in under Forklift power. Then, where it now rests. I've got pictures already of the rear bumper being cut off (it needs to be straightened), the roof vents coming off (stuck lifters), the water heater coming out (is it original), and then the patch for the roof coming off where the original furnace vented. Man, this is exciting getting the re-newal process underway. Enjoy everyone!

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