Sunday, September 27, 2009

The latest addition to the fleet!

I picked this truck up last week on my way down to Quantico just outside of Harrisburg. It's a 52 Studebaker Pickup model 2R11-22 with a long box and original V8. It's a project for way down the road, but I have one. It was $300. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Picking Apples

Sorry everyone for the long delay in photos... been on the road alot lately for work and not much has been happening in the world of Airstreams lately. Today, was a great family day. We went apple picking up here to Windy Hill Orchards up in Cassville, NY - about 30 miles from our place. It was a blast. The leaves are a turning and the apple picking was great - 1/2 a bushel of McIntosh and 1/2 a bushel of Cortlands - good eating and good for baking. Next week they open their Ida Reds and their trees were just brimming full! Here are a few photos. Enjoy! Oh, by the way, Steve "Dancin Hansen" from Minnesota was the winner of the 1964 Trade Wind raffle the town's Watershed held. Congratulations Steve!

Here we are up in Cassville, NY at Windy Hills Orchard

The Baker Boys out picking apples

Nice shot of the family leaving their market.

Stanton, Bryce and Braedon in front of Zoe's burning bush.