Monday, August 02, 2010

Polish - let her shine!

Ok, this past weekend, we took a little Airstream trip. I apologize up front, because my good camera was left outside and it's not working. We towed down to Hanover, PA and dropped Sophia off at 1st Impressions, a polishing place that Frank's Trailer Works is using these days. I like what I saw and thought we'd take her down for a touch up because Sophia hadn't had her annual touch up yet this year, and I'm very busy between now and Sept 9-12th where I'm gonna have her on display at the Blue Ridge Parkway's 75th anniversary. So, we dropped her off on Saturday morning. We spent the day touring Hanover and Gettysburg - and had a great time. So, here are a couple photos.

Here we are at the Milemarker 78 on I81 northbound rest area. We picnic'd on the hill, the boys found 2 GeoCaches... it was fun!

This was us parked in the exact same spot in Nov 2007.

Pulling out of Chuck's at 1st Impressions.

Here we are stopped on the side of the road, cause Mater said to "Stop!!" He had to check out Sophia.

If you like it, Chuck will help you out too!! Prices are $60 per foot ($90/ft if you require stripping). His number is 443-277-0509 - tell him Rob sent ya!

Next trip, Maine over Labor Day weekend, then it'll be off to Cumberland Knob Recreation Area on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Sophia was selected to be one of 11 vintage campers to be on display for their Anniversary Festival.