Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A little green grass!

Well, tonight I went over from Quantico to Silver Spring, MD (on the other side of the Beltway) to get the Shasta. I got there, the hitch was siezed, the tires are dry rot, and no safety chain.... I worked on the hitch for about 30 minutes, backed up to it, checked the lights (1/2 working). The owner states 1 7/8" ball required. I tried my two inch ball, no go. The 1 7/8" fit loose. About an hour later, pumping up the tires, duck taping on the rear tail light, I am on the road. 1 mile to IKEA, to eat dinner, and wait out rush hour. Well, I got on the road. Just then, I check my TREO, and in come pictures of the SOTR from Colin. Excellent. As I get on the DC beltway, traffic is still heavy, and I'm going 45mph. Things are good. I continue almost to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, when I go over a bump, and bang....the trailer is off the ball, sparks are a flying, and I'm in the chute for the bridge, when all of the sudden there is a pull off for construction, and I make it in. Whew!!! It does take a 2" Ball!!!!! After engineering to get a jack under it, I jacked it, and took my 2" ball and it went in perfectly.So, I jacked it, backed up, and got underway, with no incidents the next 40 miles to Quantico. So, here are today's pictures from Colin. The entry step and new floor are looking great, as are the windows. Always...I mean always, use safety chains!!!!! Enjoy the pictures!

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