Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Let there be light!

The lights are on, connected and boy are they bright.

From Colin today:

"Here are the latest photos. Your running lights are the brightest I have ever seen on a vintage trailer! All new wiring, new grounds, glass beaded & silver painted light housings & all. The photo with the slightly dimmer rear end is with only the running lights on. The one with the bright taillights on is the running lights & the brake lights. Your brake wiring is also new, along with the "whip". Your Hehr vents & lifters have all been rebuilt, polished & new gaskets added & installed. The radio antenna has also been installed & the "police style" antenna position has been marked on the side as well. It's out of the shop now & waiting for pick up."

Can you say EXCITED. Boy am I. Now, when do I find the day that it'll take for me to run up there and get it. The SOTR is now out in the cold. I have four tires on order from my local tire guy. The SOTR has 14.5" wheels on it, and I'm sticking to the originals right now - ultimately / eventuallly upgrading to the Cragar Smoothies. For now though, we'll take the originals off, blast them, sand them down and repaint down local to me, and for now just hit the original baby moons with some chrome spray paint - quoted from $100 t0 $150 a piece to re-chrome 4 baby moons - that's $400 to $600 for hub caps alone. Have I said, this is not a low cost hobby? - more on that in a near post as I total where I am up to this point - basically a 30' weather tight shell on a strengthed chasis. I'd love to hear what ya all think to this point. Oh yeah, that hole above the new door handle will eventually become a dead bolt for safe of mind down the road towing without having to use a piece of road to ensure the door stays closed.
I'm out here in San Diego this week, so not so sure it'll be this weekend. Next week I am in Quantico, so maybe the next weekend. Stay tuned. SYDTR!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two links

This first link is a link to a little video that I thought was really neat:


The second is a link to a Vintage Trailer club that lists different units for each state:



Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sign of the Week!

I saw this sign on one of my last trips out to California. Thought it was fitting for me, well - my co-workers did. Who wants one?

LEDs for the Overlander

I've picked up a nice set of side marker LEDs for the Overlander. These are Spyder Lights. They are chromed plastic base and clear lenses, but the lights are LED and light up in amber and red. They have the same design in round 4" lights too that mount flush in stainless 4" rings. I've only been able to find these lights at one truck stop in PA - believe you me, I've checked them all in between here and Virginia. So, these lights are going to replace the four side marker lights on our Overlander. Also, the two rear tail lights will be updated too. If I brave the cold today, I'll run out and get the 4" lights and take a picture of what they look like. I've added the Google Analytics code (got the idea from Doug's 56 Caravanner blog) to the blog so I am now able to track where my blog readers are from - yesterday a blog hit from France - Welcome!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The bumper and Belly Pan

Here are a few more glamour shots. Remember, one of the first things Colin's team did was to remove the rear bumper because it was bent in the center in towards the trailer. Look at it now - nice! Also, just a couple of shots of the belly pan installed (about first two feet underneath from banana wrap) buck riveted on.

More on the antenna.

I don't care for the antenna upby the running lights. What do you think - by the front window or by the side window?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


As stated earlier, the SOTR is back in the shop at Colin's. Belly pan work (making sure it is buck riveted on like original while the inside skin is still off), rear bumper and tail lights mounting (the replacement panel was not cut for the lights), and mounting the running lights. Well, here are a few pictures of the rear end panel. I'll take me a few posts to get them all in here. Enjoy! It is looking sweet (I particularly like the rear shots)!

Dilemma - what would you do?

Remember on the SOTR the double side post / mount antenna I got for the front of the trailer? Remember those marker lights I sourced from Airstream? Well, Colin and I feel that the two do not go together. So what would you do? Options, mount antenna in front of marker, above or below (close or ~3 inches below)? Mount antenna somewhere else ( in front of living room windows, road side). Here are some pictures for your consideration. Decisions, decisions, decision. Let me know.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nice, relaxing weekend

Well, on my last post I stated that I'd be out here in Arizona. Well, I made it. I spent the week living the "Ants" life running around like there is no tomorrow, working away. On Friday, I checked out of my hotel and that night after work, I drove over to Bisbee to The Shady Dell where I met up with Wes the owner and found my nice little 1949 Airstream trailer for the night. Last night I stayed in their 1952 Homemade 10' trailer from Popular Mechanics plans (that was very nice) and tonight and tomorrow night I am in the Spartan Manor. Plenty of aluminum here for me! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The SOTR is in!

Well, I made the trip out here to Fort Huachuca, AZ but did not get in until 2am AZ time, so I'm beat! Colin sent me some photos. The SOTR is having some belly pan installed so it can be bucked like original as it was from the factory. Here are a couple pictures. Remember, those windows are all living room area... I forget how big the SOTR is, the biggest made in 58 by Airstream. See Ya! Enjoy.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Update - and healthy again

Well, haven't posted in a while. Sorry. Christmas night I came down with something and I was pretty much in bed until New Year's not feeling the best - taking some prescribed anit-biotics and now starting to feel better as of today. I am now down here in Charleston, SC for work and return home tomorrow. Next week, I fly out to Tucson, AZ for some work I need to attend to in Fort Huachuca, AZ - I'll be staying a few days over at the Shady Dell in Bisbee I hope! So, that's something I look forward too, staying at the Dell is always neat!
Today I received some more photos of our bunks for the SOTR that Jeff at Dovetail Designs is working for us. They are coming out sweet! Here they are. I got a message from Colin that the SOTR is heading into the shop again for belly pan work to begin. So, things are moving out again! If you are looking at doing some custom interior woodwork, I highly recommend Jeff. Let me know and I'll get you in touch with him! SYDTR!