Friday, December 09, 2005

Day 2 of the Tearing in!

Well, today is day two of the project for GSM Vehicles and I must say, they are not letting dust settle under their feet. The trailer, if you recall, went to them pretty much empty. The only things that were in the SOTR were the Aluminum water tank, the Bowen H2O tank, the tub and the Black tank. Those came out yesterday. Today, I received pictures of the lower section of the walls, and the floor coming out. At this rate, they'll be done next week, meaning I have to have the wood done soon!!! Oh no! So, here are some more pictures to enjoy. Notice all that insulation in the walls, I expected it to be non existant and full of mice actually. We also expeccted, because of the condition of the floor going in, much more frame rust that they found, whereas only a portion of the rear section of the frame has rust issues. So far, so good! Keep it up GSM. Colin's going to go get the new flooring today I believe.
With this, they are doing all the work, but we have homework too! Colin has tasked me with "What other electrical outlets do you want, upgrades, water pump (we are staying with the air pressure system), new technology inserts (we'd like remote control lighting capabilities), a built in am/fm modulator with the trailer, so that our 1958 radio can be on, but receiving tunes from our iPod (to listen to theVAP) or our hidden on board entertainment system, network wiring, telephone, prewired speakers, network drops, etc. I'd love to hear all or any of my blog readers suggestions on what / how others have done. See ya on the next post!

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Rich Luhr said...

Hey Rob, on the wiring: don't go nuts on network wiring. Wireless is the way to go in a trailer. You never know where the laptop is going to be, and since it can be both a recipient of services (wifi Internet) and a source (music, video), you want maximum flexibility on its location. Have Colin put in a 12v drop for the wifi router (Netgear has models that are natively 12v) inside a cabinet somewhere. Make sure there's a power outlet near where the compact laser printer is going to sit, too so you can hook up a wireless network device and the printer there. That way your printer is wireless too, and can be used by more than one laptop.

Put in 4 good speakers, two front and two back, and maybe two more outside if you want to show movies on the side of the trailer once in a while.

I also recommend putting in a permanent XM or Sirius satellite radio antenna on the roof, which means a drilled hole somewhere. Put it on the flat part of the roof so it can see south no matter which way the trailer is parked.

Then figure out where the DVD player & stereo amp/receiver will go. They should be together, and the satellite radio wire should terminate there too.

Finally, if you want a flat-screen LCD, you'll need to consider that carefully. Keep in mind most consume too much power for boondocking even though they can run on 12v, so you might want to keep the supplied power transformer for the LCD and make it run only off AC power.