Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Here in Virginia, SOTR in New York

Anyone's hitch look line mine? I must say, it is hard to have the SOTR up in Plattsburgh, about 4 hours from our house, and now I am in Virginia on work, and not be able to go see it. I told Zoe', let's take the boys to the North Pole, NY - knowing it is only 35 miles from Colin's - and maybe get a peek in on it. But, I must say Colin makes me feel as if I am there as he sends many pictures as it goes. Part of the new floor is in. I received an Email from Rich Luhr of Airstream Life who is home from his Tour of America that he stopped over at Colin's yesterday - he offered to buy the SOTR - Jealousy is a terrible thing Rich! Wait until it is completed. Rich's 68 Caravel and Serro Scotty are at Colin's - his 68 undergoing a major overhaul too! Colin sent me some more pictures, of the new floor going in, and the others as well. I'll post them. This is going fast, faster than I thought it would. But without the frame problems we expected, that made the turn around for the new flooring come much faster....good for us!

So, I'll post these photos. Also, I will post a few of the $150 parts source I got on Ebay...that I will be towing home from Maryland on Thursday night...a 1959 Shasta....I needed the Heir lifters, the Awning for the Caravel, and the furnace for the SOTR. The front window might come in handy too, and the other windows just might find their way into Henry Ford's warddrobe trailer that Colin has in his shop! Very cool! See ya tomorrow!

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