Sunday, December 18, 2005

Another from the past image!

Here is a shot from that Whirly bird ride my grandfather did. These elephant hooks I found on Ebay, and I needed some, as the SOTR did not have any. I am sending out some parts to Colin tomorrow, and am going to get to work on the interior too. I'm trying to order 4x8 sheets of white birch veneer, but they are currently back ordering it through the middle of January. So, as Colin and his team continue to re-enforce the frame on the SOTR, and finish the floor, I'll be here working on the interior. Zoe' is working with Suzanne, Colin's wife, on the interior design issues - picking the new marmoleum colors, the zolatone colors, the upholstry, the curtains and other items I told her is in her arena. Hope you are enjoying the blog.

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