Sunday, October 21, 2007


Here is my source for my hardware. I've been crazily busy.... sorry for taking so long. It is Vandykes Restoration @ and they are great to work with. Take care.


Sorry for the blog not having any posts lately.. I've been away on work... and so it's been slow and quiet. Our WDCU Installation Rally was our last trip and it was a blast. 500 miles each way to Newport News, Va and it was nothing but lots of fun and good times! It was great to see such good friends again. Our friend Alex Vandamme (Sig's brother from the Airstreaming in NY blog on our links) bought a 1957 22' Custom Airstream from a guy that has been restoring it for the past year or so. I am down here for work, so I told him I'd pick it up and take it to NY for him. So, last night, I called Frank of Annalumanum fame ( ) and asked if he'd like to go with me. It was a blast with only one issue (getting my 2" ball off and putting on a 2 5/16 ball (the 57 has a new tongue on it) but once completed with the help of a pipe and some heat, we were on the road. I'm back here in Quantico for another week. The trailer is nice... I love those 13 panels. It's full of parts. HMMMM, what parts do I need (licking my lips :) ) See you on I81 next weekend. Thanks for the help Frank!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Here are some pictures of the latches we are installing today, tonight and tomorrow morning before we head for Virginia and the Washington DC Unit WBCCI Installation Rally in Newport News, VA. It's gonna be a blast. The latches you see are the Chrome Bin pulls for my drawer pulls, the large holders to hold the bunks up in travel position, the cabinet door latches, and the one latch for keeping the doors under the galley closed. We have 6 of the door latches to install still, and the bunk catches, and we'll be set. Virginia here we come!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Letchworth is all they say it is!

The weekend trip was great!!! We started off around 3pm on Friday afternoon. About 20 miles in, we hit a spot in the country road where the farmer had just come out of the fields... All I can say is MUD! The Perkins were behind us with their 58 Globetrotter and all I can say is when we hit it, our trailers instantly turned brown. About an hour later, we had a good bath on the NY State Thruway that washed them pretty good. We arrived just before dark, and spent the weekend camping in good old fashioned relaxation. We hiked most of Saturday and then on the way home Sunday, just mossy'd along via Hammondsport, Watkins Glen, Ithaca (in between here we picked up another Caravanner for about 10 miles - a new Airstream (HELLO)), Cortland, DeRuyter, and then home (note to self - fill up with gas in Cortland - THANKS PERKINS). We did not run out of gas, but had to do some fanangling. Whew! No mud on the way home. We had lunch in Hammondsport on the water. A great weekend. The pictures are of the falls, the Campfire, Hammondsport, Caravanning near home with the Perkins, and the boys looking at the falls. Thanks to the VanDamme's and the Perkins for a great time! This weekend is the Newport News WDCU Installation Rally. There will be at least 25 trailers coming. We're hoping for good weather.