Sunday, May 31, 2009

Up on the hill!

The View from the hill - about 15 miles or so!

Well, next week we're hosting a boon-docking "Just Camping" rally here on the farm. So, we spent this past weekend up on the hill to get the feel and the layout. I'll be doing some more bush hogging later today - I think there are 10 coming. So, here's a picture from last night of our little campfire in my homemade stainless fireplace, and then one of the view! Enjoy. We are!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Car Show this weekend!

I got the first cut completed in time!

Norwich Rolling Antiquers, 2009

It was work and alot of time, but I got the Watershed's Trade Wind's first cut of polishing done on Friday night. I had promised to tow it to the car show for the Watershed and that is what we did so they could show it off, and for good cause - as they had record crowds this year. We also took the SOTR down on Saturday for a couple hours and all day on Sunday. Tickets on the Trade Wind are still available. It's a sweet little trailer with the new axle, wheels and tires along with the first cut of polishing done!

Oh, yeah, isn't the Sovereign "Of the Road" looking sweet! Gave lots of tours and got lots of compliments. Even met a guy with a 67 Ambassador for sale too - good price too! Later, it's Memorial Day and my son Bryce's 6th birthday - Happy Birthday buddy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just down the road

14 miles or so, in a nearby town, on Saturday night, a tornado touched down... I was away, but I guess the weather was a rocking. This farm was in the direct path and pretty much lost its roof. Got to get insurance on the trailers!! One of my things to do this week!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More polishing

I got home from Reserves early tonight... and so I went out and did some polishing. I did the front street side end cap and started on the top side of the street side. It's coming out nicely for first cut don't ya think. I'm thinking I'll have to buy a few more tickets!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Polishing a Fundraiser Trailer

The 1964 Airstream Trade Wind, part of our Plymouth Watershed fundraiser that will have a raffle drawing drawn this September ($25 a ticket), is now in my yard after getting a new axle installed by Chevy Ave Restoration. It is getting a good 1st and possible 2nd cut polish job. Here are a couple photos. If you want tickets, see below on how to get them... there are like 100 tickets left.
Sure is nice and green now!

New wheels, new axle and soon a nice new polish!

About a 1/3 of the way there!

I'm doing this backwards as the sides were 1st cut once a while ago.. I'm going over those panels and then I'll attack the top! Once the top is done 1st cut, I'll go over the entire trailer once more.

HOW TO GET TICKETS? Mail $25 x (# of tickets requested) to:
Plymouth Watershed
c/o: Margaret Kreiner, Chair, Ply. Watershed
3668 State Hwy 23
South Plymouth, New York 13844

Monday, May 04, 2009

Patience Grasshopper!

Well, a while ago, I posted pictures from "A break from splitting firewood" - in where I posted photos of a 1949 22' Liner. That was a fun day on a Sunday going over for a country drive to look and drool over it. I ended up writing the elderly gentlemen a letter about it asking that if he ever decided to sell it to give me a chance. Well, last Sunday, he called. We talked for a bit and he asked if I was still interested in it. I said - "Heck yeah!!" and so now, the 49 is ours - well, it will be when I get payment to him. To tell you the truth, we're excited about it...