Thursday, December 22, 2005

A bit of family history

As many of you can probably tell from our blog, my Grandfather was an Airstream owner and a member of the WBCCI, and loved to travel. His name was Donald L. Stanton, from North Norwich, NY. He started Airstreaming in 1960, and I grew up on his farm with an Airstream on it. Here is my Uncle, Donald, and cousin, Alexia, in my Grandfather's and Grandmother's WBCCI beret. This was taken around 1962. Also, is a shot, taken by Rich Luhr of Airstream Life, of me in, yes, my Grandfather's beret. I think it is very cool. Reading of Wally's Trailer Travel Here and Abroad, I was fascinated to hear how and why the Beret began to be utilized. You hear alot of people state that it is Militaristic (great, I'm a Marine and we are free to live because of the Military), that it is old fashioned (great, I love the old times), and that it's just not hip! Oh well, I still like it. There is a thread on the Airstream Forums right now that made me think of putting this here, and I'm proud to wear my beret!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, great picture Rob. Where's your baby picture?