Friday, July 31, 2009

Eating Crow

Well, we knew it would not be long... but I've got another Airstream related birthday present coming.. I could not resist this one... and yes, it's a 70s Airstream.. actually a 1973 Sovereign (not of the road) that is sitting in Pennsylvania in a field.. Thanks Marc! This one will be brought back to life while I use it as my home office (Zoe' wants me out of the house)..... So, here are a few pictures.. Plan right now is to go fetch it mid August.. Thanks Zoe' - my fabulous, wonderful, wife.. if she were a Native American - her name would be OneWhoPutsUpWithTons! It is in remarkable condition. Rear twin beds, front gaucho, center bath. It has some hail damage outside but nothing major. We'll also turn this one into a little guest cottage as well for here on the farm.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here we are on Ole' Smokey!

The boys waiting on the log car!

This past weekend we traveled down to Catawissa, Pa to go to Knoebel's Family Amusement Park.. we LOVE this place. So, on Friday afternoon we departed and headed south. As we were leaving our place, the sky opened up on us and it rained all the way to Scranton... and in Scranton, it was really a deluge!!! I got off of I81 due to the construction and traffic and took the Turnpike there in Clarks Summit and at the first exit, I bailed and headed for US Route 11 south... it was alot of fun in and out of small towns, all the way to Bloomsburg, PA.. where we then headed south to the Springbrook Family Campground. When we pulled in, there was Hunt and Sue Jones of New Jersey waiting.. a pleasant surprise. I knew Jerry and Sonia McConnell were coming too, with their daughter Colleen, who is my son Stanton's age. It turned into rain that night.. so we hit the hay early. The next morning, I awoke to Hunt's 50s GMC rumble and went outside.... Hunt and Sue were headed out.. seems his truck insurance was expiring that day, so they headed for home.. they'd been up to Michigan to the Tin Can Tourists Rally.. and had a blast...we missed you guys. So, around 11am us two families headed for Knoebels.. it was a beautiful summer day and we had fun.. well, my second ride was a motion ride and it took me a few hours to have fun... but I did none-the-less.... for some reason, roller coasters make me laugh... and laugh I did... some say it's screaming like a little girl.. but, I'm laughing - really I am...
Here are a few pictures.... we departed early on Sunday and took our time meandering along in the spitting rain... a nice weekend. Our next outing is our very own 1st Annual Baker's Acres of Chenango Family "Just Camping" Get Together here on our farm, August 7-9. I'm working on getting things ready for it..

Friday, July 17, 2009

My new plaque - sneak peak

A while ago I purchased a "Wally Byam Cravanner's" plaque off Ebay and I had some stickers from it made for our WDCU and joint METRO DETROIT Caravan members. Then, I sent it off the Vintage Trailer Supply (link at left) to have then re-created.. and when I got home from this week's trip, this is what was waiting for me.. it's a nice treat after a red-eye from California. Now, I've got to mount it! Thanks Steve. He'll have them on their web site soon - within the next week I'm told but here's a little sneak peak.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Haying it!

Ok, here are some pictures I took around the farm today.. the two bigger upper fields are getting the hay on them cut and baled. Then, since we've been gone, I've been mowing around the farm too to get the lawn under wraps.. We are hosting a Baker's Acres Family "Just Camping" Get Together August 7, 8 and 9so I've been working up at the Rally site too... Enjoy!

This is the upper drive up to the back of the barn. You can see Sophia sitting on the land bridge into the hay mow in the distance.
The pool is waiting for the August Rally goers.

There's the mighty Buick Electra.. thought I'd throw a picture of it in here. You can see Sophia up on the hill behind the barn.

Here's a cool shot from up above the barn.

And another of Sophia patiently waiting for her next tow.

Look at all that hay... You can see the 64 Trade Wind that's up for raffle up where the Rally site it located.

More hay... it'll be baled tomorrow.
A nice sunset tonight.. the property line is those pines in the distance.

Take care everyone and thanks for stopping in.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Some photos of our family trip

Ok, so here's some shots from our trip. As you may of may not know, here was where our trip took us.. We left on the 22nd of June and returned on the 5th of July.... around 3000 miles on the Suburban (it rolled over 100k miles about 3 miles from home)... house to Covington, Pa to Pittsburgh, Pa (about 10 miles from the Airport - again - THANKS Roy), to Jackson Center, Oh to Peru, Ind to Elkhart, Ind to Jefferson, Wi by way of LaSalle, Ill to Madison, Wi to Waubasha, Wi to Green Bay, Wi to Houghton (Atlantic Mine), Mi to Marquette, Mi to Omer, Mi to Sandusky, Oh to Jamestown, NY and finally home via some of the finger lakes going through Hammondsport, Watkins Glen, Ithaca to home... wow! What a trip... memories to last a lifetime....

This photo is of our rig on State Street in Madison, Wi outside of Wisconsin House of Cheese - all for the store owner, Jeff.
Above, find us on the driveway of the Braeloch up in Atlantic Mine, Michigan. This is where we stayed on Wednesday evening, on the shores of Lake Superior.

This is us at a rest area overlooking the Mighty Mackinac Bridge on the Upper Peninsula side of Michigan. That is Ken Faber's rig that we met up with just outside a smoked fish shack.

One of the big things in the Michigan's UP is smoked fish.. we bought some smoked trout... and snacked all the way across the UP... it was something good!

This is a shot where in the background is the Mackinac bridge... that's Ken Faber in the shot on the right.

Here Stanton, Bryce, Braedon and I are with the Donovan's - Karen and Bill. We left the International early to go up near Houghton, Mi to visit longtime family friends. In 1989 there son and my twin (yes, my twin - I even fooled his mom we looked so much alike) and one of my teammates as well as one of my best friends, Will, was killed in an auto accident with three of my other teammates (Packo, Donnie and Andy) on the Navy Cross Country team. This was a special trip for me since it was 20 years ago that the accident happened up in Gifford Pinchot State Park near York, Pa. I've kept in touch with the Donovans over the years and we even named our middle boy Bryce Donovan with special thoughts of Will. Spending time (although only a day) with Will's parents on our trip was the best part of the trip for us! They have a wonderful summer get away on the north shores of the UP outside of Atlantic Mine, Mi looking out towards Minnesota and Canada. It was a wonderful time and visit. I'm so glad we went. I loved the walk on the shore Bill and Karen, the talking, the chance for you to meet our boys, and collecting the sea glass to capture the special moments. A special time and very special memories for us that we will talk about for a long time I'm sure. We look forward to share our farm with you too and we're looking forward for more courtesy parking on Superior.

There's the rig parked in the Donovan's front yard with the water of Lake Superior in the background. Special memories formed here!

Now, this is the shot of the Sovereign of the Road parked at the VAC rhendevous in Jefferson, Wi in the morning around 5am.. I forgot about the time change. What a sunrise it was! I've got more photos.. just need the time to upload them.

Happy Hour challenge

This post is about Happy Hours... and a comparison of what we experienced at the VAC Happy Hours as compared to what we in the WDCU are used to. First, there were somewhere near 66 vintage rigs at International.. and at CBR, around 50 or so... so this is Apples to Apples in size comparison... The first picture is what we at WDCU do for Happy Hour... quite the spread where everyone pitches in. After a WDCU Happy Hour one needs not to have dinner.

Now, below is what we experienced at the VAC Happy Hour. Of the 60 or so people that say around the pavillion... I'd say some did not pull their weight by bringing a small dish... by the time we got there, about 15 minutes into it, this was what there was.. a few 7 or so bowls of pretzels plus a bag of pretzels.. we brought a Boss Sub that was sliced into about 10 or so mini sandwiches and it was gone in a flash...

Just one of the experiences we had... where our expectations were that of a huge spread / feast... we did spend $390 on our rally fee (and no meals given) and only 3amp of electric. What did my $390 pay for? More on our trip in my next post.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

On the way home

Our boys out in front of the House of Wisconsin Cheese!

On State Street, downtown Madison, Wi

Well, we departed the International Tuesday after the Delegates meeting. We headed over to Waukashaw, Wi for dinner with the Klohn's and it was great. Thanks Kelly for the fabulous dinner. We headed out of there around 845pm for Houghton, Mi - making it about an hour before we crashed in a Walmart parking lot. We slept in and got back on the road around 9am then next morning, arriving up in Atlantic Mine, Mi outside of Houghton at our friends the Donovan's ( Bryce's middle name after their son Will ).... more on that later when I have photos. We spent last night there at their house on the shore of Lake Superior looking out towards Duluth, Minn. It was great and we did not want to leave. We headed for home this afternoon, making it to just east of Marquette, Mi - again on the shores of Lake Superior. We're here at a little Campground. Tomorrow, we're on the road early for a long day of trailering - I hope to make it to Ohio. Today was the VAC awards for the Concourse d'Elegance that I entered and I hear that Sophia took the Silver in the 50s... at least something positive came out of the rally. More on that later too! So, I'm headed for bed to get ready for tomorrow. See ya down the Road everyone! Ps - when we pulled out of International - I headed for downtown where I paraded down a No Cars road - State Street and then around the capitol. Check out Obie's blog photos as well as the House of Wisconsin Cheese's website. Thanks Obie for the photos! The VAC parade blew so we decided to go parade downtown on our own on the way out of town! That store owner had a sign out front - Airstream Parking - so I just had to take him up on it... it was worth an $8 bag of cheese curds he gave me for doing what I did so he could get the photo - and no, I did not get a ticket.