Monday, September 29, 2008

Rally at the Travel Trailer Village

To my surprise tonight, I met a few Airstreamers (14047, 10540, and 5068) tonight on their way home to Louisiana from the Swiss Rally up and over in Ohio.. the Mouton's, the Fonteneau's (sp) and Connwr. It was neat coming back from work and finding three more Airstreams in here in the village. Here's a pictures. Also, yesterday coming back from central NY from seeing Zoe' and the boys, I spotted a few Airstreams on their way south. One was a WBCCIer, #18485 and then there was this one.. looks like one of those Ambassadors... off to a fire - Check out the Vintage tow vehicle.. Love it! Also, here's one of my new stickers for the rear of the trailer that I picked up at the TCT rally. Enjoy and I'll be seeing you on the Road tomorrow night heading for NY and the WDCU Rally - can you tell I'm excited!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Washington DC Unit of the WBCCI Installation of Officers

On Tuesday of this week, I go on leave. I'm hosting the 2008-2009 Installation of Officers rally for the Washington DC Unit of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International October 2-5, up in my hometown of North Norwich, NY 13814. Zoe' and I are the hosts. Here is the rally thread to the rally on the Air Forums. It's going to be a great time. So, I get out of work and will be towing north up through DC (appropriate don't you think), up through Frederick, MD - by Gettyburg, Pa and up into and through Harrisburg, where I'll get on I81 and run up north to Binghamton, NY - from there, jumping onto Route 12 and heading up to North Norwich, where I grew up. The leaves are almost peak and the weather is looking up - albeit a little chilly. Open house is on Saturday afternoon from 1-4pm - stop on over to check out some trailers. We've got 28 trailers coming as of right now. Oh yeah - bring a sweater!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cape May

This past weekend, we all traveled over to Cape May, NJ for the WDCU Beachcomber Rally held at the Beachcomber Camping Resort. It was a good time, all be it tiring. I left at Friday afternoon and met Zoe' and the boys on the NJ side of the Delaware Memorial Bridge in Pennsville, NJ. Then we drove the rest of the way... and arrived at 9pm. Saturday, we spent the morning hanging out, and then we hit Wildwood, a roller coaster and the antique car show. I can't wait for the 59 Buick to be on the road. Above is a picture of Frank pulling over the Delaware Memorial Bridge as we caravanned south

Another shot of Frank with Paul Waddell directly in front of him.

And then here, above, is a picture of us at the races... of course they let the "Sovereign of the Road" have a head start....

My two oldest in front of the Scooby Doo "Mystery" van on the Wildwood Boardwalk...

And then the two of them in front of the Wildwood sign at the end of Route 47....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some more of Detroit-Metro

My good buddy Dave "Drag"n"Wagon"

The Magic Chef

Bryce Ty-dying!

Who we are and where we're from...and where we've been!

Got VAP?

Playing in the trailer....

Love the wood?

and more wood!


Dueling trailers?

I just look at all those windows... hope you enjoyed some more photos from Detroit.. that was a ton-of-fun weekend. These are some good shots of the interior too... thanks guys! Kids playing, ty-dying, and aluminum... enjoy!!!!

Past Weekend was a blast! - too short

This past weekend, I took leave and traveled up to central NY, via my house to pick up the family, to Romulus, NY - home of Sampson State Park and the 1st Annual Tin Can Tourist Northeast gathering. It was really neat - my first TCT rally. Here are a few pictures. In the Concourse De' Elegance, I took runner up to Best of Show (dam fridge hole and plus I broke a window opener on the way up (dam aluminum tape))... congrats Sig with your 63 Trade Wind! I gave a talk on what we've done to Sophia from Day 1.. it was neat. There is my 7 pole holder. The blue trailer is Forest Bone's - I finally got to meet him! Thanks Fletch for a great weekend.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The SOTR's video debut

Tonight, I pulled in and decided to set up and take a video of the SOTR sitting here.. after last week's polishing... I know Frank - not deep enough... it's good to me!


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Here I am!

Here is a picture of me taken by Dave and Barb at Harper's Ferry. They had the T@B and run this blog - - check it out. Take care.

From last weekend

This is from last weekend on my way back to Quantico... On Route 15 just south of Leesburg, Va.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Flume

This is on Frank's blog too, but I had to post it too... I love it! I'm working on the trailer some now, polishing again getting ready for next weekend's TCT Rally up at Sampson State Park, NY in the Finger Lakes Region.. then the following weekend, the Beachcomber Rally in Cape May, NJ - then my Installation Rally in Oct 2-5 in central NY... a great start to the fall - and busy!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Here's a shot of Zoe' and I with Frank sitting behind us... this picture says it all! The Airstream brings so much fun into our lives!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Surprise, Surprise!

Well, after a rough start of my long Labor Day weekend where we had plans of heading to the Thousand Island, I felt like we had to exercise a branch plan that would give the family more time together. See, we were going to go to the Thousand Islands, and my misfortune mistake of running out of gas cost me about 6 hours on the next morning due to fatigue and timing to pickup the Airconditioner. I had planned to stop and get the AC, do the VAP and then get at least an hour on the road towards home before crashing... giving just 2 hours to do on Friday morning getting home around 8 or 9am... that was wishful thinking - I did not leave David's until 9am... so I wouldn't even get home until 2pm on, talking with Zoe' we were planning on making the most of it and she would take our youngest to the doctor and I would go directly to the Thousand Islands... I called Frank and learned that he was heading for Knoebels Amusement Park in central Pennsylvania... at that time, I was in the Poconos and was stopping at the Tobyhanna commissary for food for the weekend. I talked to Zoe' and instead of doing the Thousand Islands, we decided to head for Knoebel's. We don't get alot of time together, and this would give us at least 6 hours more together for the weekend - so we went for it... and also - this would surprise Frank and his family a ton! The boys adore Ava and Beth and Zoe' get along great - so I knew it would be a making of a great weekend - and we've always wanted to do Knoebels. It was great. First thing when Zoe' and the boys arrived - was mini golf (my boys favorite) It was good to see my family and the boys were excited about Knoebels..but none of them knew the Yensan's were coming. I knew Frank wasn't coming until Saturday afternoon. So, on Saturday morning, we got up, made pancakes and sausage and some good coffee, and then we headed for Elysburg for a parade and Old Home Days... the flags were in the center square of the park. Then we headed for Ashland to the Pioneer Tunnel, an old Anthracite coal mine that gives tours...400 feet below the surface and 50 degrees (Brrrr in shorts)... and they have an old 1920s Steam locomotive there too. We did it all. On the way to Elysburg, we passed the Yensan's heading for the campground and Zoe' and the boys said I wonder where they were headed (they didn't recognize it was the Yensan's - my surprise was still in the bag until we got back to the CG)... around the time I knew the Yensan's were at the CG, I was smirking again. I knew Frank would be blown away! Zoe' asked, "Why are you smirking" and I had to make up something silly to tell her... it's hard for me to keep surprises. So, the coal mine was awesome and we traveled back to the CG via Centralia, Pa - the town no more due to the coal-fire underground forcing the residents to relocate. Fascanating. So, we then arrived back to the CG and there were the Yensan's surprised as all get out. Frank captures Zoe's surprise as well - Annalumanun link to the right... More pictures later today! The weekend was a picture perfect weekend that was a welcome from the rough start we had... Like Frank, I'll recap Knoebels later tonight...