Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's been a while!

With a 62 acre farm, 5 kids and a regular 40 hour or more a week job, things have only been a little busy!! But we've been out streaming this summer and enjoying the Airstream tremendously.  Here are a few photos of the summer!
 Above is up in our field
 Cruising the Catskills
 I sunny / cloudy day
 Cooperstown KOA
 Cruising the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame
 My favorite tow vehicle
 Gilligan's @ Sherburne Car Cruise In
 Loving how the Maple / Birch interior is yellowing in age
 Cruising Old Forge, NY - love the DACKS!
 Schoharie Creek
Polishing touch up 2013
I've also started a page for selling flag pole holders - check it out.. I've got 3 and 5 pole holders available:  Rob's Flag Pole Holders