Monday, March 31, 2008

Trailer Access Hatch

People have asked where I got the access hatch. It was from Ebay - and they have 6 more available. Ebay: item number 140217741216. Good luck. They are 12" x 12" aluminum.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Cuttin the hole!

Frank called me a whimp the other night on the latest episode of theVAP - and said to "Just cut the hole!" - so, since the fridge access is the smaller of the two, I cut my first hole. So, here are a couple pictures. I borrowed my buddy John's electric snips and man do they give a good cut. It came out pretty well. Now I can bolt that fridge down and get the gas line run into the rear of the fridge. Now to the H2O heater hole on the other side of the trailer tomorrow. Thanks John.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let the Flags fly!

I sold one of my flag holders to a West Coaster. He sent me a shot of it today. Thanks Jot for the photo. Glad you like it! Love the colors!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Been busy, been sick and been on travel

It's been slow going - I've been on travel alot lately and was sick on travel all last week, spending all day on Saturday in bed. Ugh! Here are a couple shots of where I am. The tub is in, the pex is 80% run, and I'm getting ready to CUT the HOLE for the water heater. Next is propane lines. I've got to get this fresh water tank in as well. Check out those LEDs under the galley shelf. It feels as if the trailer is an utter disaster. I'm getting there!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Win a 1964 Airstream

My town is doing an Airstream Fundraiser. The prize: a 1964 AIRSTREAM Trade Wind 24’ Travel Trailer w/ a new axle. As Wally said:

"Don’t stop. Keep right on going. Hitch up your trailer and go to Canada or down to Old Mexico. Head for Europe, if you can afford it, or go to the Mardi Gras. Go someplace you’ve heard about, where you can fish or hunt or collect rocks or just look up at the sky. Find out what’s at the end of some country road. Go see what’s over the next hill, and the one after that, and the one after that." This is the message and the legacy of Wally Byam – founder of Airstream.

Become a member of the WBCCI (you have to own an Airstream) and begin your dream of adventure and exploration – all in your own Airstream.

The how - tickets are $25 each. Once the town sells 400 tickets, they’ll draw a winner. So here’s your chance to win big!

New Axle, Polish has been started. This trailer will need to be restored, but it’s a chance to have a clean canvas for your own customized Airstream! Interior is all there and the outside shell is near perfect - so Start DREAMING now! I'll be posting the how to get tickets shortly so check back soon!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Working out the bugs

Mechanically, I lost the drive shaft to the rear end. So, that's getting fixed. The 454 is running great and the Buick runs down the road great! All new Michelins mounted and once the drive shaft is re-connected, we're in Business. I'll continue to cruise locally to work the bugs out. Only 1 month until CBR. I've got so much to do! I've been terribly busy at work too so it's been hard.

The final outcome

I like it. Now to get turned onto the plumbing. This weekend.

The Love Tub

So, what does everyone think of the tub? - we painted it last night. Thought Frank and Tim would like it.