Monday, December 19, 2005

The Frame and Hitch

As we are doing this SOTR over, we want to be sure that the structure and frame are put together correctly, and we are strengthening areas that engineering wise, make sense. Zoe' and I, and Colin too, want to see this still going down the road 47 years from now - I'll be 84, and towing this thing down the road. By then, we'll be have flying cars, and so Colin will have to install wings to it, so we want to b ready for it!
Today, you are seeing pictures of the hitch coupler that Colin and the GSM team have basically made new again. The box frame has been re-enforced throughout, with steel beams being inserted from the year, and then again from the front. These have been plug welded to the box frame. Where the frame is curved, mid ship, a steel re-enforcing section has been added as well. This trailer will survive the 2009 Capetown to Cairo Caravan - 50 years after the original 1959 one. I wonder how many other 50s trailer will try to make the Caravan! Enjoy the photos. Note the VERY good condition of the frame, some 47 years later!

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