Friday, December 05, 2008

When it rains Vintage, it pours Vintage

Last week, on my way to Virginia, I took a road I hadn't taken not too far from my house. I spotted an old Airstream that I tagged the location and said, I'd stop by on another trip. Well, today I did just that. I originally thought it was a small Safari sized mid 60s trailer... but today, when I stopped to see if anyone was home, I spotted the two axles and then saw the windows and knew it was a early 60s, Overlanderish sized trailer. So, here are a few pictures. I think it's a 62 Overlander with the International package. So, now we have the 48 Liner, the 52 Cruiser, and then this 62 Overlander.... the Overlander and Cruiser are like 5 miles apart... too cool! I'll be working on getting this one as well.


Steve "Dancin" Hansen said...

Go, Rob!

Hurry up and draw for the '64 family wants to make it to the CBR '09 in style!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob. Thanks for the pics! My 64 has this funny hole in the front and a "holder" for "something" up higher on the roof panels... thanks to your pics, I realized it's where the radio antanna is supposed to go... of course, it's missing.

Any thoughts on sources for something like what's pictured?

utee94 said...

If you pick up that 62 Olander, you and Frank can have twinkie trailers! You would DEFINITELY need to park together at rallies, and you should also sync up before dressing to make sure you wear matching attire!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the 52 Cruiser ever caravaned with the 62?