Friday, December 26, 2008

A new digital camera

For Christmas, Zoe' got me a new digital camera, so now the photos will return and they will be higher quality... I've promised her I would not jump up onto the Buick Fender with my camera in my pocket. Here's a shot of our three trailers sitting here in the snow... I have a goal to get the Sovereign of the Road into the barn, but it might not happen. Also, one of our coop and then a shot of the snow that's come off the roof (for Marcus). Now, when I start tearing into the Safari, I'll be able to grab good pictures as I go! Take care everyone!


Frank Yensan said...

you are making that "tear into the safari" comment to piss me off right?

utee94 said...

Your snow looks a heck of a lot cooler than my snow.

Hey, now will you be able to get a good shot for that "snowy county road" picture I asked about?


alumanutz said...

Rob, you may wish to adjust the "white balance" on that camera. There is way too much of that stuff in the photos.

Anonymous said...

Recommendation: Don't go canoeing on the Chenango River with your new camera. (Leave your glasses at home too). :-)