Saturday, December 06, 2008

The time of Year is FUN!

I love this time of year! Why? These pictures tell part of the story - 3 reasons!

This morning was a Breakfast with Santa and then this afternoon the boys went over to my mother and father in-laws to help decorate one of their trees - that's a future rally site in the background - up on top of the hill on the 85 acres! Big Bass - so bring a pole!
I got a question thanking me for one of the pictures I posted yesterday. I'm missing one of those clips for the antenna as well. See below for antenna parts. He doesn't have the hold down clips, but does carry whip antennas.

Anyone needing radio whips or antenna bases, or gutter antenna clips - contact Auto Outfitters, Inc: Northern Virginia's automotive electronics and accessories providers: Sales, ... Manassas, VA 20109. Phone: (703) 368-1756

Tell him the Rob, Airstream guy sent you! He'll hook you up!

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