Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Well, it was Dicky!

Remember yesterday's post where we thought it was Dicky Riegel that we saw on the Northway - well it was him! Let's just say that I've had an email exchange with him about it, and it was a way cool moment for me - ya know he's got that gorgeous 54 Flying Cloud Custom that was restored at the factory, and he spotted the Cruiser and thinks it is way cool too! Here are a few more photos of the SOTR to enjoy. The new Airstream badges are on the front and rear, with plastic still on them. The fan vent ($5) off a old mobile home (you'll never know it) looks great too. Then there is the fresh water tank filler. It is coming along nicely. I talked with Colin today, and the new Astrodome vent cover is on, and the fridge and furace vents are back on too. I've got to get going on the interior now! I dropped off two 30 lb aluminum propane tanks yesterday too. They need to be polished as well. Next will be ordering some Cragar smoothie rims from JEGS that I saw at GSM that are to go on the 65 Caravel there - they'll look sweet and set off the trailer! Here is a link to the rims

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