Sunday, January 08, 2006

Made it!

Well, the Shasta is in Plattburgh, parked next to the Vagabond! It towed great, no problems whatsoever. Go back to December 23rd, and look at the curbside rear panel polished. When we bought it, there was a dent there. That has pretty much been popped out. However, there are some really good gouges there, that will not come out. While looking at with Colin today, we made the call to replace that panel too. So, in the next few days, you'll see that happening. Now, the skin will be near perfect. We just did not want to be sitting there in five years saying, "Man, wish we'd replaced that when we had the trailer gutted." So, we are, now! So, I'm making up this sign tonight...Will work for Airstream $$$$$. Just kidding. We've got a budget...remember, we sold our 1985 34' Limited this summer....just for this purpose. I'll work up a budget once completed, so you'll know what this takes. Just wonder what this will be worth when done? To us, it'll be priceless.

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