Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thinking of the summer

Sitting here where it is 8 degrees outside, one cannot help but think of Airstreaming this summer. Let's see, we have Cherry Blossum in April 6-9, taking place in Upper Marlboro, MD at our friend and fellow WDCU WBCCI member Clayton Roger's farm. Then, we have Region 2 in Gettysburg, PA in May 24-28. Our rally that we host here in central NY, the Pageant of Bands Rally, June 1-4 in North Norwich, NY. We will hit the Adirondacks in the June and July, and then Cape Hatteras, the Outer Banks of North Carolina in August. Man, I can't wait. The picture posted if of Colin in his 59 Ambassador, us in our 85 34' Limited and Rich Luhr and family in Vintage Thunder (prior to its paint job) all heading north after last years Cherry Blossum on I-81 going up the mountains around mile marker 106. I can only wait to be heading up the hill this year with the 58, next to Colin's 59. Now that will be a cool picture.


Rich Luhr said...

I wish we could get the '52 Cruiser ready in time for that photo, too!

Colin Hyde said...

now that's pushing it just a bit Rich!