Sunday, January 22, 2006


Well, we and the Cruiser made it. It was nice to see the good old Sweer SOTR again. I'll post some pictures of it tomorrow, besides these few as well. Got to hit the road, from the house her in Central NY for a meeting in VA tomorrow. Tomorrow night, I'll be posting from Charleston, SC. Enjoy! As we were heading up the Northway, I-87 out of Albany...a maroon suburban pulled up with the rear window down with a gentlemen (who I thought I recognized) was hanging is arm out the window with a big thumbs up!!!! We think it was Dicky Reigel...wish I had a GSM Vehicles or Bust - AS Life's Vintage Lightning in tow!" sign...but it was cool if it was him. Maybe Dicky is reading the blog too! There's the Cruiser in line. Another shot is with Steve Hingtgen's 56 Caravanner of Vintage Trailer Supply with the Cruiser in the background. Look at those SOTR windows, nice! Plus, the lower clearance marker's are on! More photos tomorrow.

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