Friday, January 27, 2006

Planning - current state

Well, we found an antenna replacement. It is supposed to arrive on Monday at Colin's. I am ow searching Vintage Trailer Supply for my Intellipower charger that we will be installing. Also looking at front electric jacks, but I will stay with a manual for now. There is Colin's wife, Susanne, checking the coloring for the Vintage awning material - a 20 footer! Then, Colin snapped a shot of me sitting there in the that floor is solid as a rock. See, the factory only welded one side of the outriggers. The outriggers are doubled up on each side of the step as supports, but only one on each side was actually welded to the chassis rail. Colin's team welded all the way around, to, as Wally would say, Improve upon things! Look at the inside of that door within the door. We are doing some metal fabrication on that as well to fix some deterioration and a crease.

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