Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sometimes you just gotta!

Well, in a restoration, sometimes you just have to make the tough call. Today, came one of those. Colin called during lunch, and left a message that they'd run into a little snag and needed direction. The road side living room windows were going in, and before that, they were polishing the outside perimeter of the window. Well, there appears to be some time of "acid" wear into the skin under the window area. There is also, once polished, a nice gouge showing up...a hidden issue under the oxidation (48 years worth) that you could not see until polishing. So, Colin wanted to know where to go with it. Replace the panel, or keep it there, and try to sand out the blemishes. Labor on sanding would add up. Replacing the panel is costly. But, they both work out about the same in my mind, actually replacing will probably save time. So, I made the call to replace the panel with a new one. Within 30 minutes I received the photo of the panel coming off! Wow! I figured that with everything out of the inside, this is the time to do it. If we decided to do it in 5 years from now, it would be very $$$$$ - alot more to do it then! So, we are doing it now. We needed to address an area just aft of there anyway, where the hot water heater was that had a rudimentary patch on it - see the photo. So, the first panel replacement is occuring now. We are planning on traveling to GSM this weekend, to deliver the parts Shasta so that the front window can be cut and fabricated into the front of the SOTR. It is coming along quite nicely! I love the feedback from everyone. Keep it coming.

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