Friday, July 10, 2009

Haying it!

Ok, here are some pictures I took around the farm today.. the two bigger upper fields are getting the hay on them cut and baled. Then, since we've been gone, I've been mowing around the farm too to get the lawn under wraps.. We are hosting a Baker's Acres Family "Just Camping" Get Together August 7, 8 and 9so I've been working up at the Rally site too... Enjoy!

This is the upper drive up to the back of the barn. You can see Sophia sitting on the land bridge into the hay mow in the distance.
The pool is waiting for the August Rally goers.

There's the mighty Buick Electra.. thought I'd throw a picture of it in here. You can see Sophia up on the hill behind the barn.

Here's a cool shot from up above the barn.

And another of Sophia patiently waiting for her next tow.

Look at all that hay... You can see the 64 Trade Wind that's up for raffle up where the Rally site it located.

More hay... it'll be baled tomorrow.
A nice sunset tonight.. the property line is those pines in the distance.

Take care everyone and thanks for stopping in.

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Brad Norgaard said...

What a great place you've upgraded to. Wish we were closer so we could get in on the inaugural Baker's Acres Rally. This going to be an annual event? If so, one never knows although I'm still waiting for an invite. :-)