Monday, July 06, 2009

Some photos of our family trip

Ok, so here's some shots from our trip. As you may of may not know, here was where our trip took us.. We left on the 22nd of June and returned on the 5th of July.... around 3000 miles on the Suburban (it rolled over 100k miles about 3 miles from home)... house to Covington, Pa to Pittsburgh, Pa (about 10 miles from the Airport - again - THANKS Roy), to Jackson Center, Oh to Peru, Ind to Elkhart, Ind to Jefferson, Wi by way of LaSalle, Ill to Madison, Wi to Waubasha, Wi to Green Bay, Wi to Houghton (Atlantic Mine), Mi to Marquette, Mi to Omer, Mi to Sandusky, Oh to Jamestown, NY and finally home via some of the finger lakes going through Hammondsport, Watkins Glen, Ithaca to home... wow! What a trip... memories to last a lifetime....

This photo is of our rig on State Street in Madison, Wi outside of Wisconsin House of Cheese - all for the store owner, Jeff.
Above, find us on the driveway of the Braeloch up in Atlantic Mine, Michigan. This is where we stayed on Wednesday evening, on the shores of Lake Superior.

This is us at a rest area overlooking the Mighty Mackinac Bridge on the Upper Peninsula side of Michigan. That is Ken Faber's rig that we met up with just outside a smoked fish shack.

One of the big things in the Michigan's UP is smoked fish.. we bought some smoked trout... and snacked all the way across the UP... it was something good!

This is a shot where in the background is the Mackinac bridge... that's Ken Faber in the shot on the right.

Here Stanton, Bryce, Braedon and I are with the Donovan's - Karen and Bill. We left the International early to go up near Houghton, Mi to visit longtime family friends. In 1989 there son and my twin (yes, my twin - I even fooled his mom we looked so much alike) and one of my teammates as well as one of my best friends, Will, was killed in an auto accident with three of my other teammates (Packo, Donnie and Andy) on the Navy Cross Country team. This was a special trip for me since it was 20 years ago that the accident happened up in Gifford Pinchot State Park near York, Pa. I've kept in touch with the Donovans over the years and we even named our middle boy Bryce Donovan with special thoughts of Will. Spending time (although only a day) with Will's parents on our trip was the best part of the trip for us! They have a wonderful summer get away on the north shores of the UP outside of Atlantic Mine, Mi looking out towards Minnesota and Canada. It was a wonderful time and visit. I'm so glad we went. I loved the walk on the shore Bill and Karen, the talking, the chance for you to meet our boys, and collecting the sea glass to capture the special moments. A special time and very special memories for us that we will talk about for a long time I'm sure. We look forward to share our farm with you too and we're looking forward for more courtesy parking on Superior.

There's the rig parked in the Donovan's front yard with the water of Lake Superior in the background. Special memories formed here!

Now, this is the shot of the Sovereign of the Road parked at the VAC rhendevous in Jefferson, Wi in the morning around 5am.. I forgot about the time change. What a sunrise it was! I've got more photos.. just need the time to upload them.


Sugarfoot said...

That sunrise is stunning.

Do you realize this was probably your last extended road trip with only THREE kids? :-)

William said...

Nice photos!! I too love to capture memorable pictures... I like to purchase family travel packages from Travelocity...