Friday, July 17, 2009

My new plaque - sneak peak

A while ago I purchased a "Wally Byam Cravanner's" plaque off Ebay and I had some stickers from it made for our WDCU and joint METRO DETROIT Caravan members. Then, I sent it off the Vintage Trailer Supply (link at left) to have then re-created.. and when I got home from this week's trip, this is what was waiting for me.. it's a nice treat after a red-eye from California. Now, I've got to mount it! Thanks Steve. He'll have them on their web site soon - within the next week I'm told but here's a little sneak peak.


Brad Norgaard said...

I gotta get me set of those. Looks great. Thanks for doing this.


TomW said...

Very nice!

But I believe Steve's link is at your "other left". :D


Unknown said...

Excellent Rob! I'll keep my eye on this one, looks great.

By the way, the Jeep sold *sniff* but onward and upward! We'll be getting our new TV outfitted soon.

Tom Cook said...

Com'on Tom W. Cut them some slack.

They're inside your computer, looking OUT. So the links
ARE on their left !

Webmaster said...

Very nice -- I've been thinking about having those made for about 2 years now. Thanks to all that got this done!