Friday, July 31, 2009

Eating Crow

Well, we knew it would not be long... but I've got another Airstream related birthday present coming.. I could not resist this one... and yes, it's a 70s Airstream.. actually a 1973 Sovereign (not of the road) that is sitting in Pennsylvania in a field.. Thanks Marc! This one will be brought back to life while I use it as my home office (Zoe' wants me out of the house)..... So, here are a few pictures.. Plan right now is to go fetch it mid August.. Thanks Zoe' - my fabulous, wonderful, wife.. if she were a Native American - her name would be OneWhoPutsUpWithTons! It is in remarkable condition. Rear twin beds, front gaucho, center bath. It has some hail damage outside but nothing major. We'll also turn this one into a little guest cottage as well for here on the farm.


Brad Norgaard said...

Oh no you didn't!!! You better get out a big fork since you'll be eating a whole plateful of crow. How can you live with yourself?


Bill & Beth's Blog said...


Its still 11 PM here but 2 AM where you are, so, happy birthday.

Congrats on the 100the VAP


Brad Norgaard said...

Yup, big congrats to you and the VAP team. A big sigh of relief