Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here we are on Ole' Smokey!

The boys waiting on the log car!

This past weekend we traveled down to Catawissa, Pa to go to Knoebel's Family Amusement Park.. we LOVE this place. So, on Friday afternoon we departed and headed south. As we were leaving our place, the sky opened up on us and it rained all the way to Scranton... and in Scranton, it was really a deluge!!! I got off of I81 due to the construction and traffic and took the Turnpike there in Clarks Summit and at the first exit, I bailed and headed for US Route 11 south... it was alot of fun in and out of small towns, all the way to Bloomsburg, PA.. where we then headed south to the Springbrook Family Campground. When we pulled in, there was Hunt and Sue Jones of New Jersey waiting.. a pleasant surprise. I knew Jerry and Sonia McConnell were coming too, with their daughter Colleen, who is my son Stanton's age. It turned into rain that night.. so we hit the hay early. The next morning, I awoke to Hunt's 50s GMC rumble and went outside.... Hunt and Sue were headed out.. seems his truck insurance was expiring that day, so they headed for home.. they'd been up to Michigan to the Tin Can Tourists Rally.. and had a blast...we missed you guys. So, around 11am us two families headed for Knoebels.. it was a beautiful summer day and we had fun.. well, my second ride was a motion ride and it took me a few hours to have fun... but I did none-the-less.... for some reason, roller coasters make me laugh... and laugh I did... some say it's screaming like a little girl.. but, I'm laughing - really I am...
Here are a few pictures.... we departed early on Sunday and took our time meandering along in the spitting rain... a nice weekend. Our next outing is our very own 1st Annual Baker's Acres of Chenango Family "Just Camping" Get Together here on our farm, August 7-9. I'm working on getting things ready for it..

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Frank Yensan said...

Remember little brother, I have ridden a roller coaster with you and you cry like a little girl. The sound is kind of like my two year old when she gets her hand stuck in the car door. You might think you are laughing, but it sounds like crying.