Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Hour challenge

This post is about Happy Hours... and a comparison of what we experienced at the VAC Happy Hours as compared to what we in the WDCU are used to. First, there were somewhere near 66 vintage rigs at International.. and at CBR, around 50 or so... so this is Apples to Apples in size comparison... The first picture is what we at WDCU do for Happy Hour... quite the spread where everyone pitches in. After a WDCU Happy Hour one needs not to have dinner.

Now, below is what we experienced at the VAC Happy Hour. Of the 60 or so people that say around the pavillion... I'd say some did not pull their weight by bringing a small dish... by the time we got there, about 15 minutes into it, this was what there was.. a few 7 or so bowls of pretzels plus a bag of pretzels.. we brought a Boss Sub that was sliced into about 10 or so mini sandwiches and it was gone in a flash...

Just one of the experiences we had... where our expectations were that of a huge spread / feast... we did spend $390 on our rally fee (and no meals given) and only 3amp of electric. What did my $390 pay for? More on our trip in my next post.


Sugarfoot said...

Hmmmm, it looks like "apples to apples" only applies to the number of rigs attending. The similarities end there.

Anonymous said...

Rob, as I told you before you left your $390 paid for the big shots to have their yearly party. They are glad you showed up.

Anonymous said...

Rob, your military background might help you, but I'm confused with all the acronyms. I'm guessing the VAC was part of the international and the CBR was your local rally?

If so that explains it. When my family gets together there is always tons of food. When it's a pot luck with people we really don't know the food is always sparse.

When you are close to the people your with everyone brings more.

The people at the CBR must be really close.