Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Shady Dell

Well, I am back here in the Northeast again, and it's about 15 degrees and snowy, with about 10 inches on the ground - a far cry from being out in Sierra Vista where it was nearly 75 in the day, and a nice 50 at night. On Wednesday night, I drove the 25 miles over from Sierra Vista to Bisbee, AZ and spent the night in a 57 El Rey trailer, situated next to a 49 Airstream (it was booked) at the Shady Dell and had a blast visiting with Ken. He toured me through his Spartanette, and the AirFloat (way cool!) and the old tour bus. I had a great time. On Thursday, I found myself complete with my trip and had to drive to Phoenix where I was flying out in the morning. I met up with Brad Norgaard in Phoenix who owns a nice 59 Trade Wind. We sat out there for over an hour, and I was there from around 8pm to after 10pm visiting. It was a pleasure to finally meet you Brad! Thanks for a good time. If you are out in the Tuscon area, Bisbee and the Shady Dell is worth the stay - and tell Ken I say hello. SYDTR!

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flyfshr said...

Hi Rob ~

Nice looking Trade Wind. Glad it found a good home. It was great meeting up with you as well. How about a Trade Wind rally?