Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On my way

Well, here I am, once again down here in Stafford, VA staying in the Caravel. I leave for Ohio tomorrrow night, to go get the Trade Wind. I'm hoping to be there around 9am, hook up, and tow it home to be home by early evening Friday night. We are hoping to take it to CBR, but that is up in the air as our youngest son is having an Adenoidectomy and Tonsilectomy next Wednesday, so we are now playing it by ear. I'm hoping he heals fine so we can all go, and take a few days to just get away from it all. I'm off to get two Goodyear Marathons tonight - the TW has the original split rims on it and the tires are junk! I just bought a Garmin i5 GPS for the trip, so this will be a test drive of that as well. Wish me luck, and I'll let you know how the trip goes. As for the SOTR, I just sent Colin the Hustler stainless steel ball mount antenna I purchased, so that he can put that on before the interior skin goes back in. It's going slow right now, and most likely will be another year now in the making - mostly due to budget running low - remember, I'm just a regular Joe doing this...a working family that took a 1985 34' Airstream, sold it to fund this project, along with our 2005 Tax refund. That, and doing the Jeep, has the funds running low. I am expecting an itemized bill from Colin any day, and once I get it, I'll post to you all the running tally - please don't fall over. Here's a hint - it's over $20k to this point right now - and the shell has a way to go before being liveable. Then the cabinets - that is enough to make one fall over too - a $5000 quote to do they will be slow going too! SYDTR! Oh yeah, here are a couple more interior shots of the Trade Wind. Anyone know where we can one of these door handles? I know the answer...well, anyway, if you do, let me know. Until then, we have the other piece, and my dad and I (he's a 30 year tool maker - injector mold maker) will try to fix this one. Stay tuned.


Michelle said...

Don't worry too much about the SOTR. Not having the funds now just means you can put more thought into the end product, insuring it's perfect for your family when it's done.

Rob, I may need to pick your brain about setting up/using a Treo 700. I just got mine and I'm ready to fling it off the nearest overpass. I'm a Unix girl and this Microsoft stuff is pushing me over the edge.


Steve said...

Hey Rob, that lock is a Bargman L-77. It is one of the rarest of all locks. Used by Airstream (and ONLY Airstream, as far as I have seen) from 1958-60 only. Right now, there are no other locks that resemble it that you can use. Sorry for the bad news.