Monday, March 27, 2006

Cleaning, cleaning, and some parts

Well, I made it home without any problems. I got home Saturday morning, having spent the night in the Trade Wind the first night I got it....just too tired to pull all the way home. Man - that original Goodyear foam mattress is comfy. So, I've been cleaning all weekend. Cobwebs, dirt, grime, and the old mouse droppings abound...but no longer. The trailer is cleaning up nicely, and I just came in from putting down some sticky tiles (a good match for what was there color wise) over the old tiles. The doorway needs repair in the floor, as does up front under the dinnette road side - typical floor issues for the era. It is very solid in my mind for the year. Water systems are still untested, but I'll tell you, it still has the Land Yacht optional Grover 12v air compressor in it - untested as well to this point. Here are a couple pictures. Also, here is a picture of the Ball mount type antenna we've picked up for the SOTR. The upholstry starts this week. Hopefully, some of the interior wiring will also. SYDTR!

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