Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On the road again!

Well, this blog has had some effect, to the good, I'd say! My Uncle is buying an Airstream now; he's bought a 1968 Sovereign as well, that is located about 25 miles away and hasn't been on the road in a few years...but very original! He will use this blog as some guidance as he undertakes restoring it. Here I sit at Albany International airport, flying out to Pheonix, AZ where I will then drive over to Sierra Vista / Fort Huachuca for a few days of meetings. I stopped by at my Uncle's Chevy Avenue Restoration shop to see the Wagoneer...new quarter panels are in the mail and so, as soon as they arrive, they will be put on, and then painted the president RED of the day. As for the SOTR, we are waiting on some Marmoleum to come in. Rich's Vintage Lightning is in the shop right now, getting operated on as we speak. I just took the bathroom cabinet over to the cabinet maker last night as well. So, things are slowly beginning to come together. The plane is boarding, so I've got to run! SYDTR!

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