Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rainbow Terrace - Waikiki

A view from the room - 12th floor!

Looking out at Diamond Head - that's where I just got back from running to.

Another shot from the room!

A better shot from Diamond Head from the balcony.

From the VIP terrace

VIP terrace view of the Pacific

Someone has to do it.. I'm out in Hawaii for a 3 day meeting... this morning, I'm up at 0 dark thirty because I'm on east coast time, 6 hours ahead of these guys out here. I'm here sitting on the VIP Terrace overlooking the Pacific, a nice breeze blowing and probably 70-75 out... I can't complain. It's 5:30am and very peaceful... people are starting to stir - probably all east coasters. Take care!

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Ryan said...

Lucky bums. I'd love to wake up to that...