Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting back into shape... one step at a time

I've made some goals for myself since I'm turing 40 this summer... and one is to train and run in this years October Marine Corps Marathon. So, to help cross train, I purchased this old Roadace road bike to switch up my running days with some on the bike. I'm looking forward to riding this summer! About 6 months before the race!


Anonymous said...

Any comment on the impending demise of The VAP?

Seen any Airstreams in Hawaii?

Mossback Doug said...

Rob, with 4 boys you need to get back into shape to keep up with them.

If the 4th is a girl you are really going to need to be in shape.

Frank Yensan said...

Oh wow... fractional jet ownership and women's empowerment sites, and plates and bowls for sale at bon ton... this blog has all my shopping needs. Good luck with the race hope the few dollars earned running all those ads pays off so you can buy a real road bike.

utee94 said...

tough crow, ed?